Monday, March 25, 2013

Cowardly Swimmer

What has happened to me? I have become such a coward around giant mother whales.

I was swimming along the shore this morning when a mom and baby Humpback Whale began swimming toward me. The second I saw them, I ceased swimming and floated in place. Normally, I would continue floating there and let them check me out, but the last few times I've begun backpedaling as they approach.

My excuse is that it can't be good to risk coming between a mom and her baby, especially when they are giant wild animals. And whale calves are often very curious and a little too bold, sometimes swimming right up to me, which can make mom nervous. And protective.

So this morning, I turned onto my back and kicked gently away from them, taking photos between my legs as they passed by.

If you want to see the full encounter, click HERE, and witness my cowardice in action.


  1. Fabulous.... cautioun is a smart thing! =)

  2. I'm glad you saw my birthday whales - I just wish I'd been there to enjoy the close encounter. Next birthday for sure!