Sunday, January 13, 2013

It's All Over

After today's shark encounter, my ocean swimming career is all over (well, at least for now).

I have been doing deep-water swims during the winters for over five years now, and the past two weeks have been my only two winter encounters with tiger sharks. Two weeks, two encounters.

Today I noticed a big shark coming up from behind me on my right side only THREE feet away. I screamed (well, blew some noisy bubbles) and jumped away. My spasm of fear startled the shark, it moved its head quickly away. I thought of pulling out my camera but noticed the shark turning back toward me. SHIT!

Thank God for the kayak I was towing behind me. I had already begun pulling the kayak toward me, but now I practically flew into the kayak. Which is when the damage was done. Apparently, my body is not ready for olympic style gymnastics moves, especially my right shoulder. And even if it weren't injured, I'm not sure I would be getting back into the ocean again for a while.


  1. Don........... you need to really get a swimming partner. Maybe even I'd consider if you swim really slow. I am so glad you didn't have serious shark 'things' happen. There are a lot of Tigers out there right now. Get better. Please don't leave the ocean that you love. If you go early enough, I'll go with you. You only need to provide me with a shower so I can go to work after.

    So happy you are semi-ok but so sorry for the frightening day you had.

  2. Maybe it was just another amorous sea creature? I hope it didn’t want to take you out on a dinner date.
    Seriously, I’m glad you only messed up your shoulder. You could have had much worse happen with that kind of a swimming buddy. When you heal, consider swimming in a school with your Sunday Morning buddies. We all MISS YOU!!!

  3. ITs just winter... they will calm down once the whales leave =) Take care of ur shoulder!! rest... Dolphins do summer better anyway!!