Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Quick Dip

Bonnie stopped by my house on her way to the airport this morning so that she could get one final ocean swim with me and Janet. Her poor husband was left waiting in risk of missing their flight, here's hoping they made it.

As you can tell by the blue photos, I didn't feel like lugging my regular camera around. I wasn't quick enough with this smaller camera to capture the shark I came face-to-face with, but the image will remain in my brain for a while.

Aloha Bonnie


  1. Face to face with a shark? What!?!! Did he have a striped suit or a white tip? Was he circling or just curious? Did you kick him off of you? Yeah Don for being protected. Stay safe out there!

  2. Don, shark pics are the "IN" thing right now! of course this would happen when ur other camera is at home! Keep an open eye! =0D

  3. Do tell!!!!!!!!! You can't leave us hangin' like that!!