Thursday, April 29, 2010

In A Different Light

I wondered what kind of lizard I was seeing as I walked through a Heliconia grove this evening. They glowed with vibrant hues in the late daylight. Then I realized that I'm accustomed to only seeing Geckos inside our house where they try to blend in with the walls. Indoors they are a uniform beige color, but outside among the green and red plants they were beautifully colored. What a treat to see these gentle creatures in a different light.


  1. Great photo of this Madagascar Gecko in the red Heliconia. These vibrant geckos are all over my yard. I love them! They are extremely prolific as well, I find eggs and babies everywhere. They are carnivores and have decimated my brown gecko population. They survived the termite tenting with ease.

  2. Thanks Lynne. If only I had read the link I provided about Geckos, I too would have known that these were actually different species.