Thursday, April 22, 2010

Exercise Photos

What are these Emperor fish waiting for? Every day they are in the same spot waiting patiently in line. They will slowly move away if I get too close, then return when I swim off. But they are always there and always waiting.

On the other hand this Manta Ray was definitely on the move this morning. Like sharks they are constantly in motion, I've never seen one actually stop. This one made me work for a photograph - I had to swim hard to keep up, and each time I dove down it was ahead of me and moving away. I claim that I swim for exercise and take photos for fun, but today I swam for fun and took photos for exercise.


  1. Don Beautiful pictures! hey Don, we swim to be in the water. who cares what we are doing .. we are in the BBLLLUUUU! LOLOL=0D

  2. Don:
    I had the lucky opp last week to have one spend and hour and a half with me and not run off!! It was a small one, maybe 5-6' wide. Super cool experience, hope you meet that one on one of your swims!
    Manta Lover