Saturday, November 1, 2008

Searching, Searching...

One great thing about living on Maui is being able to swim with people who are even more passionate about swimming with dolphins and whales than I am. Hard to imagine, isn't it?

All of us are impatiently scanning the horizon searching for signs of Humpback Whales. Glen thought he saw one yesterday surrounded by snorkel boats, which got our hopes up. It's still early, but soon...

Nancy and Jeff love dolphins and whales and manage to visit them often, work permitting. Somehow they even dragged me out into the ocean on this gray rainy morning. There wasn't much wildlife out there but we had fun blowing bubble rings and splashing about.

Amazingly, Nancy did the impossible and got me to pose for a photograph. I'm still not sure how she tricked me into getting on the wrong side of the camera. Never again!

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