Thursday, November 20, 2008


I saw dolphins splashing offshore this morning as I entered the ocean for my swim. Boats had gathered to observe them, so I swam out deep to the boats. The current was running strong and I never got closer than a hundred yards away. I could see the dolphins leaping just over there... Just out of reach... To anyone who thinks that swimmers could possibly harass dolphins, I say "Pish posh, what nonsense!" Dolphins and whales may choose to approach me, but only if they are interested. With a single flick of their tail they easily shoot away.

Then I went to visit Bruce the shark. The fish in the area darted away when I dove down which must have startled Bruce. All I saw was a tail disappearing in a cloud of sand. Almost...


  1. Don't make Bruce mad! But who could get mad at you?

  2. agree with you Don !!! NOONE who swims from shore can EVER be accused of 'harassing a dolphin" a person who says so has never tried it!! by the time you get 100 yards offshore they can be in Tahiti !! LOL .