Thursday, October 23, 2008

Busy, Busy, Busy

Yesterday was such a full, rich day that I was too exhausted to make a blog entry. I had an all-day photo shoot scheduled, so I splashed out for a quick swim in front of my house. I checked out two caves and saw white tip reef sharks in each of them. One swam out twice to check me out. Because this was only supposed to be a brief swim, I only brought my smallest point-and-shoot camera (my excuse for the poor photo quality).

The architectural photo shoot went well. We had clear skies for the second day in a row, hooray! When I first moved to Makena I swear it was clear every day - not so much any more. Then again, clear skies weren't as important to me back then, so I might not have paid as much attention.

Then, of course, hours in front of the computer making photographs from the previous day look the way my eye saw them, not the way the camera registers photons on its sensor. Here's a little after and before example.

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