Monday, June 23, 2008

Good Reading

I received a wickedly extravagant gift for my birthday,'s Kindle book reader. For the Kindle currently has over 130,000 books available for sale at $10 or less, and hundreds of titles of the world's greatest classic literature are available on the internet for free.

I just finished reading my first Kindle novel, The Kite Runner. For a movie or novel to qualify as being great it needs to meet one simple test. It has to be a good story, well told. And The Kite Runner qualifies. I also like to be surprised, and this book sometimes took me in unexpected directions. Nice.

And my impression of the Kindle? I was able to disappear into the story and the Kindle became invisible, the same as a book would have. There can be no higher praise.

If you are thinking of buying one, I do have one caveat: most books have not been digitized and are not available. However, with time more and more will become ready to read.

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