Sunday, June 29, 2008

Dropping Like Flies

Oops, what happened to yesterday? It was the seductive Kindle and a day of reading. How luxurious. Blog, what blog?

My friends, the Maui Pink Cap Swimmers, finally got to meet one of the Spotted Eagle Rays with which I have been swimming recently. About time!

I also enjoyed a fresh perspective on ocean swimming through the eyes of five young men from Los Angeles brought by Patti and Janet. If only they had all survived. Well, I guess they all lived, but the casualty rate today was unusually high. A number of swimmers suffered stings with one of these guys having to be hauled in by kayak because of difficulty breathing. They were good sports and joined us for breakfast afterward. They will definitely remember today and I'm sure the stories they tell will grow ever more life threatening with each new recounting.

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