Thursday, February 16, 2012


My whole body was resonating with whale song this morning. I knew that a Humpback Whale must be close, but where was he? I kept looking to my right thinking that's where the song was coming from, but nothing. When I glanced left I almost jumped out of the water. He was swimming right along side me, humming the entire time. Then he turned left to surface and get a breath of air - and was gone.

I love that marine mammals are curious and swim by to check out the strange human swimming in deep water. It takes them a while, though. Usually only after I've been out splashing around for over an hour, today I had been out for an hour and a half before the encounter.

Two days ago a whale kept following behind me, but too far away to see under water. I kept hearing it breathe, would glance back and see its spout about fifty feet behind. But it did not have the courage to get any closer. Finally, when I turned to swim back to shore it zoomed between me and shore, and playfully splashed me with its tail before swimming away.


  1. Great story. Great pics..... I was going to go to Dominington Republic to swim with Humpbacks ... or Hawaii, when I came down with the flu. Dang. Bill (William Brown, from FB)

  2. this is spectacular, I would love to swim in these waters with you