Friday, December 30, 2011

Evaporating Nerve

I am afraid of swimming into unknown caves underwater in the dark without air tanks. But the temptation is looming larger and larger.

Above is my buddy, Michael, recounting his adventure immediately after returning from a journey into the "Bubble Cave" near my house this morning.

To enter you have to dive down fifteen feet to the entrance then swim underwater a fair distance in blackness to an air pocket trapped against the ceiling. What's going on here? When I started this entry, I felt like I finally had the nerve to explore this cave, but now I'm getting frightened again. Anyway, congratulations Michael.


  1. lolol Don... ever see a dolphin in a cave? =)

  2. Oye, be careful! I tried to go in there while on SCUBA one time and the bubble cave was so full of white tips there wasn't room for me!

  3. But Monk Seals hang out in this underwater cave, so it must be okay for swimmers too. And the sharks will simply have to make room for me.