Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Bold Visitor from the Deep

I knew whales were following me. I could see their backs breaking the surface off to my side as I did my ocean swim this morning.

Finally, one got bold and swam straight at me to check me out. I wasn't the least bit concerned, this has happened many times over the years and they always veer away just before reaching me.

Then I realized that this whale was rather small. Oh no! What is the mother going to think? What is the escort going to do? I quickly started backpedaling away. I did not want to get between a mother and her calf!

Although it was small, it wasn't that small. Whew! It was undoubtedly a year-old juvenile on its own. It swam under me, then around me twice looking me over. Then it swam casually away. I gave thanks for the experience then quietly swam away in the other direction. Click HERE for lots more photos from this morning's encounter.


  1. Don this is just off the wall amazing!

  2. Hi Don-

    I just read your comment on my page. Of course, we are Patriot fans but it was the superbowl and only the Saints and The Colts were playing. I am psyched that you looked for the Barbie! These photos are spectacular! The puple prayer van often parks just down the street from my mothers house at the dog park!

  3. Yes, Kim, that is where I saw the Purple Palace of Prayer. I can't believe I'd never noticed it before.
    Thanks to both you and Leilani for your kind words about these photos - these are the best I've gotten so far this season...