Friday, September 26, 2008

Recipe for Success

We have lunch out most Fridays and our big favorite is Cafe O'lei in Kihei. Excellent food, great atmosphere, substantial portions, and some of the lowest prices around. They follow these four simple standards, they are wildly successful, yet they stand almost alone among South Maui restaurants.

We always arrive early while there are still tables available and love the eclectic mix of people. At the next table were two beautiful women in dresses and high heels sipping mojitos, and a few tables over were four construction workers covered with paint spatters and dust who started with the french onion soup (sorry, the two women are just beyond the edge of this photo). By the time we finished lunch the restaurant was packed.

We see so many restaurants start then fail, and few of them meet more than two of the above standards. Is it really that difficult to understand what will draw customers in? I guess so.

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