Saturday, December 22, 2007

Sloppy, Sloppy

Where is my brain? Let me know if you find it.

I keep composing blog entries in my mind, then completely forget to make them when I get home.

I spent a couple of hours yesterday at the beach chatting with friends. For about a half hour I watched a mother and baby humpback whale as they repeatedly breached traveling from horizon to horizon. Another whale swam past only a hundred yards out. Of course when I got in the water I saw no signs of any whales, but boy was the water clear. Crystal clear. It isn't often that we get that kind of visibility. After my swim while I was toweling off, another whale swam by about two hundred yards off shore. They have definitely returned to Maui and I am excited to see them back.

Today I get to spend twelve hours photographing a house up on the other end of the island. It should be fun.

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