Friday, November 23, 2007

Beyond My Wildest Dreams

Okay, here it is a day late..

I grew up as the oldest son in a lower middle class family in the Midwest with my nose always buried in a book. I didn't just read novels, I fell into them. I always tried to finish a story in one day because I could not return to real life until the book was done. While reading I lived in far off lands in other times - and that was enough. I did not have big dreams in real life, I simply slogged along to the best of my ability.

My life turned out far better and more fantastical than I ever dreamed. I routinely swim and play with large groups of wild dolphins, I chase sharks, I swim with baby whales and momma whales, the list continues. I live in a tile roofed villa in a walled complex on the ocean on a tropical island. A sandy beach and beautiful coral formations are steps from my front door. I work for myself as a professional photographer, setting my own hours and choosing my clients.

All in all, I have everything to be thankful for. What an amazing life!

Now back to real life... The ocean was choppy for my Thanksgiving swim yesterday and I swallowed a mouthful of water every few strokes. One of my swim instructors had always said to "be one with the water," but I don't think they meant it so literally. I encountered this group of twelve Ulua, wouldn't the local fishermen love to know where this was! Click HERE or below for brief video.

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