Sunday, August 26, 2007

Pink Caps and Me

I had another fun swim this morning with my friends the Maui Pink Cap swimmers. The big swim race weekend is coming up next week, and swimmers are beginning to arrive on Maui. Saturday is the channel swim from the island of Lanai to Maui (click HERE for info) and Monday is the Aumakua swim on Maui (click HERE for info). Also on Monday is the Waikiki Roughwater swim (click HERE for info).

In addition to all the usual sea turtles and tropical fish, we saw three different spotted eagle rays. Several people also took a leap from the jumping off rock (no, I'm not scared, I've made my quota of jumps). Bruce (the shark) was home with a friend. Our newest swimmer, Scott, ventured farther into their cave than any of us has ever dared before; is he a bad influence? No shark bites on a Sunday swim yet... (Click HERE for photos of today's swim)

Click HERE or above for the Video of today's swim.

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